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Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers’ Youth Opioid Awareness Campaign


Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers’ (SRCS) is proud to announce the launch of our new Youth Opioid Awareness Campaign (YOAC). The campaign is the product of the endeavors of a variety of stakeholders and community partners. Funding for the campaign has been generously contributed by a Community Grant from the Sudbury Community Foundation. The video was produced and developed by a local multi-media video partner.  

As members of our local, provincial, national and global communities it is a social imperative that we all do everything in our power to mitigate the negative impacts of the opioid crisis. From the health and wellness of individuals and their families to the burden on our law enforcement and health care systems, the opioid epidemic has taken its toll on our society. The opioid crisis is an emerging public safety issue in our community; for these reasons, the depth and breadth of the problem cannot be understated. While the campaign was designed to target youth, the campaign’s important message is relevant to us all. 

The Youth Opioid Awareness Campaign was developed as a crime prevention and health promotion initiative that raises awareness of the inherent risks, outcomes and impacts of opioid use and addiction among youth. It is a drug-reduction strategy aimed at empowering people to utilize Crime Stoppers’ safe, 100% anonymous tipster program to share what they know with local law enforcement, thereby reducing the presence and impact of illicit opioids in our community. The campaign provides community members with the tools and resources necessary to discuss the opioid crisis and how it affects youth.

It includes an informational video presentation that community members can access as an online video on our website or our youtube channel. Watch for our YOAClips coming soon. 

Our Youth Opioid Awareness Campaign Coordinator, Bella Croisier would be happy to deliver a live, remote YOAC presentation tailored to your group upon request. For more information or to request a booking contact us below. 


Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers

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Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers’ Illegal Dumping Campaign

Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers (SRCS) is proud to announce the launch of Phase 1 of our new Illegal Dumping Campaign. The campaign is the product of the endeavors of a variety of environmental stakeholders and community partners. While illegal dumping is not a new issue it is an emergent topic in our community; based on our preliminary research citizens are poised to mobilize around this issue in our community!

Illegal dumping is a crime that affects everyone in our community from citizens, to wildlife, to our environment itself. Mitigating the effects of illegal dumping will help ensure the sustainability of our environment so that it can be enjoyed, not only by current residents, but by future generations of Sudburians. 

The Illegal Dumping Campaign will consist of three phases. In Phase 1 we will conduct survey research to determine the scope of the problem in our region and to identify illegal dumping hotspots. During Phase 2 we will erect signs advising citizens that illegal dumping is a crime and how to report it in hotspots identified during Phase 1. During Phase 3 we will mobilize our volunteers to assist local environmental groups to clean up waste on our land and in our lakes and waterways. 

You can do something to stop illegal dumping in our community! We encourage you to click the link and complete the Illegal Dumping Survey. It only takes a few minutes and the entire community will benefit from the information gleaned by the survey. The resulting report will bring awareness to the problem. The survey results will also determine where we erect signs during Phase 2, so this is your chance to have your voice heard!

For more information about the campaign or how to volunteer please contact us below. 

Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers

705.675.9171 ext.5692